Safety & Sustainability

Longkeeper Farm is situated in the Bombay Hills south of Auckland.

Our living Micro greens are grown in a 1250 square meter green house with full climatic control systems. Daily planting and harvesting throughout the year ensures consistant availability, delivering the freshest quality product. We grow our microgreens on cellulose, a natural hygienic growing media, in a sustainable clean environment.

We strive to be efficient and continually improve the way we run our farm using the best of traditional growing techniques paired with innovation and technology combined with a focused business approach to achieve high crop yields from small spaces.

Food safety and sustainability are our priority.

The growing environment is organised in the same way as my kitchen, clean and hygienically structured. Protocols and systems are followed during every step of the production, from sowing to packing. Growing mimic kitchen's ‘mise en place’ & and service.

Longkeeper Farm is GAP accredited ( Good Agriculture Practice)

Longkeeper Farm has made a commitment to low-impact agriculture. We’ve made significant investments from solar collector to recycled cardboard packaging.

Our products are free of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.