Longkeeper Farm is continually reviewing and working towards fully sustainable growth using local and globally sourced technology to create a minimal footprint on the planet.

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At Longkeeper Farm...

...we are always on the hunt for ways to do better, both for our farm and for our planet, and we believe that making our growing environment as sustainable as possible is one of the best ways to ensure our future is fresh. By using important resources in a sustainable way, and by being innovative with new technologies, we can better ensure that our environment is preserved for future generations.

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The green house is twin skin, air inflated for both walls and roof. The two skins form huge pillows of warm air captured during the day insulating the crop through the cooler nights with no need for costly heating.

Energy screens reduce heat loss during the winter and protect the crop during the summer.

Solar energy will enable Longkeeper farm to generate its own electricity with a minimum 75% provided by the sun ‘Microgreens powered by the Sun’.

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Rain water is captured from the greenhouse roof stored in large tanks where it is UV Sterilized before delivery to crop via an automated irrigation boom. This ensures the daily watering requirements of each crop, whilst at the same time improving water conservation.

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The growing media is fully compostable and sourced from sustainable forests.

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Recyclable packaging

Packaging is made from cardboard sourced from PEFC New Zealand forests and is fully recyclable.

Growing trays are washed and sterilised after each harvest and reused.

Pesticide and spray free . Biological crop protection derived from nature offer us an effective, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable way to protect crops.