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Supermarket's Microgreens


Originally used by professional chefs. Today, because of their high nutritional values and their unique flavour, they are gaining popularity with home gourmets and health conscious people.

Microgreens are grown on compostable celullose in a sustainable environment. They are harvested from 8 to 20 days according to each variety in order to obtain peak flavour and maximum nutrient-density. Kept in your refrigerator, they will last for at least 7 to 10 days.

Easy to use : Our punnets have been designed with a zip to allow you to hold and cut the microgreens just above the media. We call it HTC : Hold, Tear and Cut.

Our microgreens are a flavourful and a nutritious addition to your meal. Visit our Recipes page for more ideas on how to use them.

Discover our range