Longkeeper Farm microgreens are the freshest quality microgreen on the market due to the care and attention we give to our growing, harvesting and packaging methods.

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To ensure you get the freshest healthy living microgreens in your kitchen we harvest daily to order. Harvesting each crop at their peak condition, always with a chef’s attention to detail, then chilled before packing.

Our microgreens are shipped overnight to Auckland, air freighted to other national destinations and ‘Jet Fresh’ to our international customers.

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Living microgreen

Cut Microgreens will continue to breath. This process is called respiration, breaking down stored organic materials which leads to loss of moisture, colour, texture, flavour and nutrients.

Living Microgreens on the other hand allow you to determine when to cut maintaining optimum freshness, color texture flavor and nutrients

Shelf life of our Living microgreens, stored between 2C° and 8C°, is 7 to 10 days. We grow our microgreens on cellulose which is a hygienic natural media that meets all the hygiene regulations.

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Auckland airport is just 30 minutes from Longkeeper Farm allowing just in time supply for the Asia Pacific region delivered within 24hours of harvest and packing.

Chefs and supermarkets in Hong Kong place their orders late morning and receive their Living Microgreens the next day before lunch service. ‘Jet Fresh’ with each box of microgreens personalized to the chefs requirements.

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Cut as you go

No more wastage with our living microgreen. Cut as you need and store in the refrigerator! Our retail packaging is fitted with a zip allowing you to hold the punnet, and cut as you need. Hold, tear, cut!

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Fresh All year round

Growing in twin skin, air inflated climate greenhouse with full climatic control allow us to grow a consistent product year-round.