Longkeeper Farm Microgreens are bursting with flavour. From mild to spicy, citrus, cumin, cinnamon, forest wild mushrooms... to name just a few of our unique aromas.

Little leaves Big flavour

For most chefs, when you say microgreen, first thing they think of is Garnish. Vibrant colour, texture and the capacity to create volume on the plate… It’s true, microgreens make a great garnish.
Why can they be so much more that that?
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Growing Flavour

Restaurants have their Research and Development kitchens, where they create new dishes. We have our growing laboratory for researching and growing new flavours.

Continual trials look at every facet, understanding the need of the plant, to optimizing growth, visual aspect, quality and flavour for future potential crops.

This is our challenge : driving the continual exploration for the new, whilst looking at heritage crops, long forgotten seeds to preserve and valorize plant biodiversity.

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Behind the Flavour

It all starts with sourcing seeds from around the world, looking for true flavours and aromas, researching its history and provenance.

To give an example, let's look at our mushroom cress. In nature it is a 50 meter high tree grown on the northern side of the Himalayas. In spring people collect the freshly germinating seedlings from under the trees. The young shoots are then used in cooking for theirs digestive properties.

We grow the seed a few centimeters tall. The flavour reveals the taste of roasted beachnut, wild mushroom and a hint of camembert cheese.

Another reason Longkeeper Farm microgreens are packed with flavour, is the growing media.

Unlike most microgreen growers using soil, compost or vermiculite, we sow our seeds on cellulose, a natural and clean material made from sustainably cultivated trees. Cellulose meets all the hygiene regulations and doesn’t alter the natural flavour of the plant. This allows the plant to reveal its true flavour.

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Understanding Flavour Profiles

When it comes to tasting our microgreens, we have the same approach as wine tasting.

Some of our microgreens are very complex with several layers of flavour and aroma.

Shiso for instance exudes a combination of cumin, cinnamon, mint and a hint of yuzu.

Buckwheat shoots reveal a mild nutty flavour and the pink stems have hints of rhubarb.

Microgreens are one of the most versatile ingredients to accompany a dish, as such can be seen as an added addition to almost any dish. Let their unique flavour galvanize your imagination.

Challenge your Creativity, Taste and Play!