How can I purchase from Longkeeper Farm?

Our products are available from your local supermarket or food distributors.

Why buy from us?

Fresh is the emphasis we place on our punnet of living microgreen. (Our punnet of living microgreens is the freshest source of micro green available). 
Free of pesticides and chemicals, grown in a sustainable environment, form the high quality product grown here in the Bombay hills.

Being able to cut \'some\' of the micro\'s for either food dishes or smoothies, still allows the continued growth within the rest of the punnet. Just one of the many benefits of living.

Like any vegetable, microgreens are best at harvest stage. Microgreens loose more nutritional value after each day they are cut. Living microgreens, provides the nutritional richness and fresh taste and texture for as long as you are using them.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are a tiny form of edible greens produced from vegetables, herbs and other plants.

Our micro greens are 7 to 16 days old and are harvested as soon as the true leaves have emerged, yielding a beautiful, flavorsome product.

How are microgreens so nutritious?

Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, all the nutrients they need to grow are there.

They are packed with vitamins, such as anti-oxydants, trace minerals, enzymes and proteins.

Several studies have found that at equal weights, almost all of the microgreens contained an average of about six times more nutrients than those found in their mature counterpart.

How to use them?

Microgreens add incredible flavor to salads, soups, stews, pizzas, egg dishes, potato dishes, sandwiches, pasta dishes – and anywhere else your imagination takes you.

You can also use them for their natural source of nutrients and add them to your juices and smoothies.

Should I wash my produce?

Yes, while we wash all produce before boxing and distributing to customers, we still advise washing before eating.

What is the best way to store Microgreens prior to use?

All microgreens are best stored in your refrigerator as this will slow the growth rate and ensure your microgreens remain fresh and healthy.

The plant will continue to grow if kept at room temperature and consume water from the growing medium. If this occurs simply water the plant.

How long can Living microgreens last once they have been harvested?

If cared for correctly, your micro greens can remain fresh and healthy for at least 7 to 10 days.

What growing medium do you use?

We use cellulose, a clean material made of sustainable cultivated trees.

Why choose cellulose?

Cellulose is natural medium which meets all the hygienic regulations in your kitchen.

It is also fully compostable and will decompose naturally in your garden.

Is your product available all year round?

Our climate control system and the mild weather within the Auckland region, allows us to grow our produce year-round. If a variety of microgreen happens to be unavailable during a certain period, we will advise our customers as they order.

What about organic?

In order to be allowed to use the term “organic”, a company must comply with certain conditions. One of these is that only organic fertilizers, from plant or animal origin, may be used. For reasons of food safety, Longkeeper Farm has consciously decided to use mineral fertilizers and does not therefore comply with the requirements associated with “organic”.

Where do our seeds come from?

Nationally and globally sourced, meeting all the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI ) regulations.

Do you have any accreditation?

GAP, Good Agriculture Practice