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Chef's Microgreens

More than just a garnish, Longkeeper Farm microgreens are bursting with flavour.

They can be used to add complexity of flavours, or simply enhance a dish with their aroma, texture, volume and visual appeal. Longkeeper Farm has a wide variety of fresh microgreens to choose from, available all year round, in three different formats.

Living microgreens:

6 punnets per box, picked from our range of microgreens, harvested in their peak condition and delivered in a personalized box to the chef.

Cut microgreens:

The central stem is cut just above the media line during harvesting.
Cut microgreens range include : micro rocket, micro dijon mustard, Bella Rocket, Dijon Mustard, Coriander, Sangria radish, Tokinashi, Chili Radish, Combo Mix (Sangria Radish, Tokinashi, Red Kale, Mizuna).
Available in 50g punnet. 8 punnets per box.

Cut shoots:

Slightly bigger than microgreens. Shoots varieties include: Apealia, Buckwheat shoots, Sunshoots, Nasturtium shoots and Feve shoots.
Available in 250 grams sealed bags. 5 bags per box.


Discover our range